How Can I Protect Myself from Fraud in the Health Insurance Marketplace?

If you apply for health coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace. As of October 1, 2013, people who do not have health insurance can purchase coverage through the new markets created under the Affordable Care Act. Scammers follow the news, and even before October 1, they contacted people who asked for money, personal information or both, supposedly to help them enroll in insurance. You may protect yourself from fraud by following a few simple guidelines.

Most People Do Not Have to Do Anything

Whether you already have health insurance through your Medicare, Medicaid, and employer, your school, the Veterans Administration or several another program. You do not need to sign up, receive a new insurance card or make any changes. Insurance marketplaces are just for people who do not have health insurance and people who purchase their own health insurance can switch to plans presented in the markets if they wish.

The Government Is Not Calling

Sending emails or knocking on people’s doors to enroll them in health insurance. Do not provide your bank account number, social security number or other personal information to any person with whom you have not had contact or in response to an advertisement.

There Is No Rush

People who are suitable to purchase plans through the markets have until March 31, 2014, to do so. After that, registration is open to anyone who was not fit before that date but whose situation has altered. For example, if you had health insurance through your job and you became unemployed after March 31, 2014, or you were in your parents’ insurance and later you need yours.

It Is Easy to Obtain Information, Compare Plans, and Register

At, you may get answers to your questions regarding how the law works, see the plans that are available to you. Several marketplaces are managed by the federal government, others by states. It will be routed to the right when it provides the information about your place of residence and subscribes to coverage. There are also people trained in each state to help you, charge free if you want more help. You can get their contact information from the website or the hotline.

There Is No Application Fee or Charge to Get Help with the Process

The just thing that people will have to pay for the Affordable Care Act is their monthly insurance bill and also several will be eligible for free coverage or lower rates. If someone desires to charge you for giving information or helping you register, it is a scam.


Somebody other than the insurance company you have selected contacts you about health insurance marketplace and asks you paying, or asks for financial or personal information about your health. A person you do not know contacts you to get health insurance and asks you to pay, or asks for your personal financial or health information. Give information about your personal health, bank account or credit card to somebody who calls you and tells you that it is from the government.